Apis Mellifera Carnica Mated Queen


Mated Carnica Queen Bee

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Mated Carnica Queen Bee

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  • Considered to be gentle and non-aggressive
  • Queens unmarked unless requested
  • Can be kept in populated areas such as towns and urban areas
  • Good sense of orientation
  •  They are not as prone to rob honey
  • Able to overwinter in smaller numbers of winter bees
  • Honey stores are conserved
  • Able to quickly adapt and do well to changes in there environment
  • Better for areas with long winters and cold conditions
  • Able to change fast and adapt brood rearing reduction when available forage decreases
  • Low use of propolis
  • Resistant to brood diseases
  • Forage earlier in the morning and later in the evening & cooler conditions
  • Workers live up to 12% longer than many other breeds of bees
  • Non-British Imported Queens We have tested these Queens here in Scotland for the past few years
    They overwinter well produce good honey crops of honey.


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